How It Works

Looking for an award winning, unique gift for a kid that has everything?

We pull together materials and design hands-on activities that teach your kids real stuff through imaginative play.

Each themed kit (such as ice cream shop, doctor, wizards or superheros) has a focus on pretend play, reading, writing, geography, art or science.

No time to shop? It's hard to find the time to search for that perfect gift! We get that.

Sign up for a subscription or give a gift subscription and our packages will zoom through the mail and arrive at the door. Now you can check birthday and holiday gifts off that ever expanding to-do list!

Relax while your child plays, creates and learns or dive in with them for some creative, engaging fun!

What our Customers are Saying

"We got our first box yesterday and were amazed with it! We had so much fun and our 6 year old daughter was happily doing math. Thank you so much!" Janalee, Kansas.

"We got our bramble box 2 days ago! The girl's have been playing with it non-stop and it's the first thing my 1st and 2nd graders ask to do when they get home from school", Hollie, Saskatchewan.

"It's different. It's gender neutral and allowed her to think outside the box! She was so happy. One more advantage she practiced writing and spelling for hours without even knowing" Lemma, Pittsburgh

"We bought a Vet box for my daughter's 5th birthday nearly two months ago and she is still getting it out to play!" Gretchen, Pittsburgh